There are thousands of hackers around the globe who carry out multiple cyber-attacks on a daily basis ranging from brute-forcing passwords on social media accounts, to attempting to exploit government servers.

These individuals or groups have a specific set of skills that enables them to manipulate IT services and devices for malicious purposes, but what if this was available to everyone?

Analysts at Zepko discovered a web site on the anonymity network known as Tor (The Onion Router. AKA The Deep Web/ The Dark Net) “Rent-A-Hacker”, on which a self-proclaimed professional computer expert and experienced hacker offers his nefarious skill set as a service for a fee.

 Screenshot of the Rent-A-Hacker site.

The unnamed hacker states to be proficient in social engineering, 0-day exploits, highly personalized Trojan malware, automated bots, DDoS attacks and many programming languages with a claim that “Basically anything a hacker needs to be successful, if I don’t know it, I’ll learn it very fast”.

This black hat hacker for hire states that he does not come cheap, with the cheapest of his services, such as email or Facebook hacking, costing €200 and larger jobs costing €500 which includes espionage, “ruining people” and website hacking.

Examples of pricing for Rent-A-Hacker.

Examples provided explain that the hacker is willing to destroy businesses, ruin lives, hack things technically, cause technical issues or disrupt websites with DDoS attacks and other methods, economic espionage, obtaining private information about an individual and “ruining” people with methods such as causing financial damage or false accusations.

With services like this available to any person who has the knowledge and capability to access the anonymity network, it is essential that IT security best practises are followed and adhered to in order to drastically hinder the success rate of even targeted attacks against a person or organization.